Design and Development of a Language-based Mathematics-Educational Authoring Tool using Cooperative Work among Learners

학습자간 협력작업을 이용한 수학교과용 언어기반 저작도구의 설계 및 개발

  • Published : 2008.05.31


Providing appropriate and cooperative work among learners is an essential factor of a successful educational authoring system. Although from the viewpoint of beginning authors, many authoring functions are employed in existing authoring tool, there has been little research to solve authoring difficulties by companion's assist and to keep pace with learning. Therefore, in this paper, we designed and developed a educational authoring tool using mathematical language and cooperative work among learners, verified the validity. The authoring tool proposed has key features to hide authoring handicaps and keep pace with learning and cooperate with each other by using networked and language-based authoring tool.


Mathemaical Language;Networked Co-Work;Authoring Tool based on Language


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