Maximal Hypersurfaces of (m + 2)-Dimensional Lorentzian Space Forms

Dursun, Ugur

  • Received : 2006.11.08
  • Published : 2008.03.31


We determine maximal space-like hypersurfaces which are the images of subbundles of the normal bundle of m-dimensional totally geodesic space-like submanifolds of an (m + 2)-dimensional Lorentzian space form $\tilde{M}_1^{m+2}$(c) under the normal exponential map. Then we construct examples of maximal space-like hypersurfaces of $\tilde{M}_1^{m+2}$(c).


Maximal hypersurface;space-like submanifold;mean curvature;Lorentzian space form


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