A Note on Subnormal and Hyponormal Derivations

Lauric, Vasile

  • Received : 2006.08.29
  • Published : 2008.06.30


In this note we prove that if A and $B^*$ are subnormal operators and is a bounded linear operator such that AX - XB is a Hilbert-Schmidt operator, then f(A)X - Xf(B) is also a Hilbert-Schmidt operator and $${\parallel}f(A)X\;-\;Xf(B){\parallel}_2\;\leq\;L{\parallel}AX\;-\;XB{\parallel}_2$$, for f belonging to a certain class of functions. Furthermore, we investigate the similar problem in the case that S, T are hyponormal operators and $X\;{\in}\;\cal{L}(\cal{H})$ is such that SX - XT belongs to a norm ideal (J, ${\parallel}\;{\cdot}\;{\parallel}_J$) and prove that f(S)X - Xf(T) $\in$ J and ${\parallel}f(S)X\;-\;Xf(T){\parallel}_J\;\leq\;C{\parallel}SX\;-\;XT{\parallel}_J$, for f in a certain class of functions.


subnormal derivations;hyponormal derivations


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