Global Attractivity and Oscillations in a Nonlinear Impulsive Parabolic Equation with Delay

Wang, Xiao;Li, Zhixiang

  • Received : 2006.07.25
  • Published : 2008.12.31


Global attractivity and oscillatory behavior of the following nonlinear impulsive parabolic differential equation which is a general form of many population models $$\array{\{{{\frac {{\partial}u(t,x)}{{\partial}t}=\Delta}u(t,x)-{\delta}u(t,x)+f(u(t-\tau,x)),\;t{\neq}t_k,\\u(t^+_k,x)-u(t_k,x)=g_k(u(t_k,x)),\;k{\in}I_\infty,}\;\;\;\;\;\;\;\;(*)$$ are considered. Some new sufficient conditions for global attractivity and oscillation of the solutions of (*) with Neumann boundary condition are established. These results no only are true but also improve and complement existing results for (*) without diffusion or impulses. Moreover, when these results are applied to the Nicholson's blowflies model and the model of Hematopoiesis, some new results are obtained.


impulsive parabolic equation;global attractivity;oscillation


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