Motion Planning of the Car-like Vehicle in the Parking Space by the Motion Space

M-Space를 이용한 자동 주차를 위한 주차 경로 생성

  • Published : 2008.02.29


Automatic parking assist system is one of the key technologies of the future automobiles. Control problem of a car-like vehicle is not easy due to the nonholonomic constraints. In this paper, a practical solution for planning a car-parking path is proposed according to the proposed motion space (M-space) approach. The M-space is the extension of the conventional configuration space (C-space). A collision-free, nonholonomic feasible path can be directly computed by the M-space conversion and a back-propagation of reachable regions from the goal. The proposed planning scheme provide not a single solution, but also a candidate solution set, therefore, optimization of the parking path can be easily carried out with respect to performance criteria such as safety, maneuvering, and so on. Presented simulation results clearly show that the proposed scheme provides various practical solutions.


Motion planning


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