Application Scheme of Hybrid Data Mining for Fused Data in Statistical Survey

통계조사에서의 퓨전된 자료에 대한 하이브리드 데이터마이닝의 적용 방안

Park, Hee-Chang;Cho, Kwang-Hyun

  • Published : 2008.06.30


Today, the statistical survey has been carried out variously for the decision-making and administration of the organization. We use the different items in the statistical survey according to the purpose of study. Currently, Gyeongnam province is executing the social index survey to the provincials every year. But, this survey has the limit of the analysis as execution of the different survey per 3 year cycles. The solution for this problem is data fusion technique. Data fusion is generally defined as the use of techniques that collect to combine data including multiple sources in order to raise the quality of information. But, data fusion doesn't mean the ultimate result. Therefor, efficient analysis for the fused data is also important. In this study, we suggest the application methodology of neural network by latent variable through the fused data in statistical survey.


Data fusion;hybrid data mining;latent variable;neural network


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