Influence of Reproductive Status, Serum Type and Estradiol-17β Supplementation on the in vitro Maturation of Canine Oocytes

  • Heru, Fibrianto Yuda (Faculty of veterinary physiology, Gadgah mada University) ;
  • Kim, Min-Kyu (Department of Animal Science and Biotechnology, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Chungngam National University)
  • Received : 2008.02.14
  • Accepted : 2008.06.05
  • Published : 2008.12.30


Supplementation of serum and estrogen in in vitro maturation(IVM) medium was shown to improve embryo development and quality in several species. This study investigates the effect of ovarian estrus stage on canine oocyte quality and supplementation of medium with canine serum or estrogen on IVM of canine oocytes. As results, in experimental 1, IVM oocytes collected from follicular stage ovaries to MII stages($10.2{\pm}1.5%$) was higher (p<0.05) with 10% canine estrus stage serum than control($1.3{\pm}1.6%$), anoestrus stage serum($4.0{\pm}1.6%$), luteal stage serum($2.7{\pm}1.7%$) and 10% FBS($1.3{\pm}1.6$). In experimental 2, 10% canine estrus stage serum supplementation has highest maturation rate to MII stages($10.0{\pm}1.8%$) and there were significant differences(P<0.05) with another treatment in follicular stages group. In order to investigate the synergic effect of estrous serum and estrogen supplementation, different estrous stage groups of oocytes were cultured with 2 ug/ml estrogen plus various concentrations of different reproductive stage serum and FBS(experimental 3). As results, the rate of maturation to metaphase II(MII) stage was significantly higher(p<0.05) in oocytes from the follicular stage supplemented with estrogen and 10% canine estrus stage serum(11.5%) compared to the other groups(6.0 - 8.8%). The present study was demonstrated that canine serum and the estrus cycle of the bitch affect the meiotic competence of oocytes. Hormonal influences within the follicle may be one of the factors responsible for the greater proportion of maturation of oocyte to MII from bitches at the follicular phase.