Evaluation of Residual Strength of CFRP Pressure Vessel After Low Velocity Impact

저속 충격 하중을 받은 탄소섬유강화 복합재 압력용기의 잔류강도 저하 평가

  • Published : 2008.06.30


In this paper, the low velocity impact characteristics of filament winding CFRP pressure vessel was investigated using numerical and experimental methods. The cylinder part of CFRP vessel was impacted using triangular shape impactor which simulated the sharp edge of dropping tools and impact response behavior of CFRP was reviewed. The mechanical behavior, such as deformation and stress distribution, were also predicted by explicit finite element method and the validity of the model was investigated. For the quantitative evaluation of the residual strength of the pressure vessel after impact, a series of the ring specimens was cut from the impacted vessel and its burst pressure was measured by hydraulic pressure hoop tension test. As the results, the relationship between the residual strength degradation and the impact energy was successively obtained and a useful methodology to evaluate quantitatively the impact damage tolerance of CFRP pressure vessel was established.


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