Mean Response Delay Estimation for HTTP over SCTP in Wireless Internet

무선 인터넷 환경에서 HTTP over SCTP의 평군 응답 시간 추정

  • 이용진 (한국교원대학교 기술교육과)
  • Published : 2008.06.28


Hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP) over transmission control protocol (TCP) is currently used to transfer objects in the Internet. Stream control transmission protocol (SCTP), an alternative to TCP, which allows for independent delivery among streams, and can thus reduce the mean response delay of web object. We present an analytical model to find the mean response delay for HTTP over SCTP, therefore, estimate the effectiveness of SCTP over TCP. Typical TCP delay models assume the wired environment. On the contrary, the proposed model in this paper assumes the multiple packet losses and wireless environment where fast retransmission is not possible due to small window. The estimated mean response time can be used the benchmark to meet quality of service (QoS) at end-user. We validate the accuracy of our model using experiments. It is shown that the differences between the results from model and those from experimental are very small below 6 % on average. We also find that the mean response delay for HTTP over SCTP is less than that for HTTP over TCP.


Wireless Internet;SCTP;Congestion Control;Response Time


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