Mechanism of RFID Authentication for u-Vehicle

u-Vehicle 환경에 적합한 RFID 인증 메커니즘

  • Published : 2008.06.28


The concept of u-Vehicle is a technological model that people try to build the ubiquitous world in the car which moves, by using the RFID technology as well as the telematics service based on the location. RFID is weak on the point of information security because RFID has possibility for being abused such as chasing, counterfeiting, and invading personal privacy. RFID's tags use a weak cryptographic algorithm. This paper presents the vulnerabilities of information security under u-Vehicle environments. To solve that, we propose a mechanism enhancing RFID tag's security but with low cost by reducing the number of mutual authentication stages and using the hash function.


u-Vehicle;Telematics;RFID;Authentication;Information Security


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