Configuration of Audio-Visual System using Visual Image

이미지를 활용한 오디오-비쥬얼 시스템 구성

  • 서준석 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원) ;
  • 홍성대 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원) ;
  • 박진완 (중앙대학교 첨단영상대학원)
  • Published : 2008.06.28


With the help of information technology The problem of building a concrete form with a shapeless media is the starting point of presenting information by means of sound. Audio-Visual System using sound as a medium is a method that presents an auditory material visually and has a role of linking different sensory organs. In a sense, Audio-Visual System transfers a non-concrete sensation to a concrete one. Audio-Visual System presentation by late methods using active and non-active images produced by computerized irregular procedures can be limited because of the limited ways of visual output. On the other side, visualization using active images can induce more diverse expressions using sound as a medium. This study suggests a new way of expression in animations using visualization of various auditory materials and sounds built by Audio-Visual System with active images.


Audio-Visual System;Visualization;Visual Image


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