635nm 레이저다이오드의 피부 결손 치유 효과

Healing Effect of 635 nm Laser Diode in Skin Injury

  • 발행 : 2008.07.01


Low level laser therapy has various therapy effects. This paper performed the basic study for fabricating the low level laser therapy apparatus, and one of the goals of this paper was to make this apparatus used handily. The apparatus has been fabricated using the laser diode and microprocessor unit. The apparatus used a 635 nm laser diode for laser medical therapy and was designed for a pulse width modulation type to increase stimulation effects. In this study, the designed device was used to find out how 635 nm laser diode affected the skin injury of SD-Rat(Sprague-Dawley Rat). We divided the participants into two groups; irradiation group which was irradiated 10 minutes a day for 9 consecutive days, and none irradiation group. The results showed that the study group had lower incidence of inflammation and faster recovery, compared with the control group.



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