Design of Fast Elliptic Curve Crypto module for Mobile Hand Communication

  • Kim, Jung-Tae
  • Published : 2008.06.30


The more improved the Internet and the information technology, the stronger cryptographic system is required which can satisfy the information security on the platform of personal hand-held devices or smart card system. This paper introduces a case study of designing an elliptic curve cryptographic processor of a high performance that can be suitably used in a wireless communicating device or in an embedded system. To design an efficient cryptographic system, we first analyzed the operation hierarchy of the elliptic curve cryptographic system and then implemented the system by adopting a serial cell multiplier and modified Euclid divider. Simulation result shows that the system was correctly designed and it can compute thousands of operations per a second. The operating frequency used in simulation is about 66MHz and gate counts are approximately 229,284.


elliptic curve;cryptographic system


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