High-Accuracy Digital-to-Analog Actuators Using Load Springs Compensating Fabrication Errors

제조공정 오차보상용 보정 탄성체를 이용한고정도 디지털-아날로그 구동기

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  • Published : 2008.10.01


We present a high-accuracy digital-to-analog (DA) actuator using a load spring, specially designed to compensate the output displacement errors caused by fabrication errors. The compensated linear DA actuator is capable to change the slope of input-output modulation line in order to compensate fabrication errors. We design, fabricate, and characterize three different prototypes: one uncompensated design and two compensated designs respectively for a specific value and for a given range of fabrication error. The compensated linear DA actuators show the output displacement errors of $-0.20{\pm}0.23{\mu}m\;and\;-0.13{\pm}0.18{\mu}m$, respectively, reduced by 64.3% and 76.8% of the output displacement error, $0.56{\pm}0.20{\mu}m$, produced by the conventional uncompensated linear DA actuator. We experimentally verify the fabrication error compensation capability of the present compensated linear DA actuators, thus demonstrating high-accuracy actuation performance immune to fabrication errors.


Digital-to-Analog Actuator;Fabrication Error Compensation;High-Accuracy Actuation


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