Modeling of the Mechanical Drivetrain of an Electric Vehicle for Investigation of Torsional Oscillation Characteristics

전기자동차 기계적 구동계의 모델링 및 비틀림 진동특성 분석

  • 김호기 (현대자동차㈜ 하이브리드개발실) ;
  • 오중석 (현대자동차㈜ 하이브리드개발실) ;
  • 김삼균 (현대자동차㈜ 하이브리드개발실)
  • Published : 2008.10.01


Torsional oscillations of the mechanical drivetrain in electric vehicles are generated under rapid driving conditions. These lead to an uncomfortable jerking of the vehicle and to an increased stress of the mechanical components. To analyze this phenomenon, a drivetrain model is constructed with lumped parameters. The model parameters are identified by geometrical design data and experimental tests. The proposed model is validated by simulation and experimental tests in the time and the frequency domains. As a result, the torsional oscillations are observed at 7Hz of a low damped natural frequency. Also, the analysis of the effect of the parameter variations on the oscillations shows that the oscillation characteristic is mainly dependent on the rotor inertia, and the stiffness of the mounting of the drive aggregate and the driveshaft. The results will be utilized on the basis of the design of an electric drivetrain and an active control of drivetrain oscillations.


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