Testing Transactions based on Verification of Isolation Levels

고립화 수준을 검증하기 위한 트랜잭션의 시험

  • 홍석희 (경성대학교 컴포터정보학부)
  • Published : 2008.07.28


Concurrency and synchronization problems are often caused by database applications concurrently accessing databases managed by DBMS. Most commercial DBMSs support isolation levels to resolve these problems. Verification of isolation levels are most important because consistency and integrity constraints of the database can be violated according to isolation levels of transactions that consists of database applications. We propose a test tool set to verify and reveal faulty settings of isolation levels and implement a prototype of the test tool set. The proposed tool set analyzes the SQL statements of ESQL/C programs, attaches the test codes to verify isolation levels, runs the test transactions and detects errors.


Transaction;Isolation Level;Software Test;SQL


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