OpenVolMesh: Generic and Efficient Data Structure for 3D Volumetric Meshes

OpenVolMesh: 삼차원 볼륨 기반의 메쉬 표현을 위한 범용적이고 효과적인 자료 구조

  • 김준호 (동의대학교 게임공학과) ;
  • 서진석 (동의대학교 게임공학과) ;
  • 오세웅 (동의대학교 게임공학과)
  • Published : 2008.07.28


Meshes are the most appropriate data structures for representing 3D geometries. Surface meshes have been frequently used for representing 3D geometries, which only samples data on the surfaces of the given 3D geometries. Thanks to the improvements of computing powers, it is required to develop more complicated contents which utilize the volumetric information of 3D geometries. In this paper, we introduce a novel volumetric mesh libraries based on the half-face data structure, called OpenVolMesh, and describe its designs and implementations. The OpenVolMesh extends the OpenMesh, which is one of the most famous mesh libraries, by supporting volumetric meshes. The OpenVolMesh provides the generic programming, dynamic allocations of primitive properties, efficient array-based data structures, and source-level compatibility with OpenMesh. We show the usefulness of the OpenVolMesh in the developments of 3D volumetric contents with prototypic implementations such as volumetric mesh smoothing and CW-cell decompositions.


Mesh Library;Volumetric Meshes;Half-face Data Structure


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