Application of Interactive Digital Comics Directing for Comics Frame-Manner

칸 연출을 기반으로 한 인터랙티브 디지털 만화 연구

  • 김치훈 (상명대학교 만화 애니메이션 학부) ;
  • 허영 (상명대학교 만하 애니메이션 학부)
  • Published : 2008.07.28


It devides that a comic book is based on paper and the other one is serviced through the medium of internet. Each one called conventional form of comic book and digital one. Currently digital comics are published on the various portals and WEB sites and they become one of the comic media and service. However, it is simply uploaded scan-images of comic book on monitors instead of paper. This is just only difference of output form of comics and it does not bring out any digital feature. Now we need a new comic research and experiments that are applied characters of digital for the conventional comic directing. Thus this research presents that the new possibility of digital comics with the core of digital contents, interactivity is applied for comic frame-manner and user customized storytelling.


Frame-Manner;Interactivity;Digital Comics


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