Policy of Personnel Recruiting in the Korean Municipal Police System

한국 자치경찰의 인력충원 방안

  • 김종수 (경운대학교 경찰행정학부) ;
  • 신승균 (영산대학교 경찰행정학과)
  • Published : 2008.07.28


This study seeks to intensively shed light on the municipal police system which is certain to be introduced to the nation, and verify the effect of the new appointment system presented herein from the viewpoint of police and experts in related areas, thus contributing to having the municipal police system in place stably. In particular, this study sets as the most core factors the recruiting, selection, education and training, and placement in the process of a new appointment, centered on Municipal Police Introduction (Plan) submitted to the National Assembly. First, in the area of recruiting and adoption, presented the head or manager of the municipal police implements open administrative job recruiting system, expanded recruiting of women and manpower in special recruitment to administer citizen-friendly police administration, and the exclusive employment rights of the head of the municipality. Second, in the area of the education and training of the municipal police as to the securing of independent education and training agencies, establishment of curricula fit for characteristics of the municipal police, and utilization of education facilities and professors of regional universities. Finally, in the case of the placement of the municipal police as to side effects caused by the placement of region-hailing personnel, implementation of interview system prior to a new placement, and priority placement of policewomen to the civil service section.


Municipal Police System;Special Judicial Police;Personnel Recruiting;Appointment Municipal Police;Local Police


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