Alternative to Maximize Efficiency for Loan System of Sport Promotion Fund

국민체육진흥기금 융자제도 지원효과 극대화 방안

  • Published : 2008.07.28


Sport industry creates value-added by production and distribution of product or service related with sports or sports. Because this industry shows promise in becoming a major industry area, the government is making an effort to bring up or develop it. The financing to firms of sport industry area(sporting goods industry, sport facility industry, sport service industry) with low interest rate and long-term repayment period on the basis of sports promotion fund is excellent scheme to promote sport industry. Nevertheless, Because many people indicate operational inefficiency of it, it is necessary to check operational efficiency through investigation for loan system of sports promotion fund. The purposes of this paper are to present some directions for the improvement of efficiency by the analysis to public loan system using funds of other government organization and to the current status of loan system of sports promotion fund. The result of this study are as follows. First, we propose enlargement of loan size and range. Second, it is necessary to use mortgages loan to technology in case of sporting goods industry and sport service industry. Third, we suggest the mitigation of loan disproportion and flexible application among loam amount of sport industry areas. Fourth, we suggest the construction of loan practical committee. Finally we propose the establishment of selection criteria to firms and ex-post evaluation system related with loan system of sports promotion fund.


Sport Industry;Loan System of Sports Promotion Fund;Mortgages Loan;Ex-post Evaluation System


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