Effect of Satisfaction and Absorption of Spectating on Desire of Re-Spectating at the Professional Sporting Events

프로스포츠 관람만족 및 관람몰입이 재관람의사에 미치는 영향

  • 김홍설 (배재대학교 레저스포츠학과)
  • Published : 2008.07.28


The purpose of this study was to examine the effects of the satisfaction and absorption of spectating on desire of re-spectating at the professional sporting events. This study set a model of consumer behavior decision based on the results of the precedent studies about the determinative factors of consumer behavior and the hypothetical model done by Wakefield & Sloan(1995), Hansen & Gauthier(1989), Jeffrey(1997), Green(1995), and Kim(1999) and clarified it through the regression. To attain the goal of the study described above paragraphs, some viewers of 2007 season pro-soccer and pro-baseball games were set as a collected group. Then, using the stratified cluster random sampling method, finally drew out and analyzed 605 spectators in total. Data collected through a questionnaire designed for this study consist of fixed alternative choice response to items constructed to represent the operational definition for each variable. Statistics employed for data analysis was correlation and multiple regression. Based upon the results of the study, the following conclusions appear warranted: 1. Satisfaction of spectating influence on desire of re-spectating at the professional sporting events. 2. Satisfaction of absorption influence on desire of re-spectating at the professional sporting events.


Satisfaction of Spectating;Absorption of Spectating;Desire of Re-Spectating


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