A Complex Sampling Design for the Estimation of Korean Livestock Production Cost

축산물생산비조사를 위한 복합표본설계

Kim, Soo-Taek;Kim, Young-Won

  • Published : 2008.08.31


We propose a new sampling design for the Korean Livestock Production Cost Survey. In this sampling design, the survey population is derived from the 2005’s agricultural census of Korea. And coefficient of variation(CV) is estimated from the current livestock production cost survey data, and the estimated CV’s are used to find the optimal sample size which satisfies the predetermined precision of estimation. In order to save the enumeration cost, the agriculture enumeration districts are used as a primary sampling unit(psu). Final sample is selected by double sampling. Also, we propose the estimator which is able to reflect the change of the population of livestock production households.


2005's agricultural census;CV;psu;double sampling


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