SiO2/ZnS:Cu/ZnS Triplex Layer Coatings for Phosphorescence Enhancement

  • Zhang, Wen-Tao ;
  • Lee, Hong-Ro
  • Published : 2008.08.31


The objective of this study is to coat the $SiO_2$ layer uniformly on the ZnS:Cu phosphors by using Sol-Gel method. From results of SEM micrographs observation, XRD and XPS analysis, it could be confirmed that $SiO_2$ layer was relatively well coated on ZnS:Cu particles. $Ag_2S$ was used as a decoding chemical to analyze the dense and uniform coating performance of $SiO_2$ layer on phosphor particles. It could be concluded that phosphors synthesized from our two step replacement method showed strong blue peak comparing to other method and rather weak green peak also. Obtained particle size of phosphors were about 20m diameter. Luminescence properties of the phosphors were examined by photoluminescence spectra at the excitation wavelength of 270 nm.


Silica;ZnS:Cu phosphor$SiO_2/ZnS:Cu/ZnS$ Coating;Luminescence;Sol-Gel synthesis


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