On-line Monitoring of a Glucose Concentration on a Fermentation Process of Wine for an Automatic Control of a Fermentation Process

발효공정 자동제어를 위한 포도주 발효 중 포도당 농도 온라인 측정

  • Song, Dae-Bin (Division of Agricultural Engineering, Gyeongsang National University/Institute of Agricultural & Life Science)
  • Published : 2008.08.25


A flow injection analysis method (FIA), which analyzes sample conditions after injecting a sample and reagents into a continuous stream, are recognized as the most adequate analyzing method according to the increase of sampling frequency, the decrease of measuring time and the diversity of measuring targets. Specially, the FIA is considered to be used effectively for the control of a fermentation process to produce fermentation food and useful microbial production by activation of a fermentation industry for development of biological materials. In this study, a flow injection analysis sensor unit was developed for on-line monitoring of the fermentation process. The performance was verified by on-line measuring the concentration of glucose of the fermentation process of wine. The glucose concentrations of the samples were measured every 12 hours during the whole fermentation process and compared with those by a HPLC. The concentration relative errors of glucose on the fermentation process of wine showed below 30% within 72 hours and over 50% after the 72 hours. The sensor unit had potential to on-line monitoring of the fermentation process but some problems to overcome for an commercial application.


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