Effects of Reference Price Advertisements by Service Reputation

서비스 명성에 따른 준거가격광고 효과

  • Published : 2008.09.28


Price is an important marketing issue in current competitive environment characterized by various distribution channels such as economic circumstance and the Internet. Many companies, for their best profits, use a price discrimination strategy such as price discount that reinforces consumer's purchasing behavior and they employ advertising strategy by presenting reference price with information of price discount in advertisements. Accordingly, many research verifies the advertising effects of presented reference price in advertisements, this study tries to expand the existing study area which is limited on reference price of product by examining the its effects on service area. It also aims to verify the effects of reference price advertisements by the level of service reputation. For this experiment, a factorial design with service reputation and presented method of reference pricewas used. The result of this study is that attitude toward price and use intention on presented reference price in service advertisements are higher than not presented it. In the case of high service reputation, advertising effect on presented reference price in service advertisements are greater than presented price discount rates in service advertisements. And in the case of low service reputation, advertising effects can be much greater by just presented reference price in service advertisements. Therefore, in service advertisements, strategic views on presented methods of reference price by the level of service reputation are essentially needed.


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