Development of Management Performance Index Building BSC System for Hotels

BSC 시스템 구축을 위한 호텔기업의 성과지표 개발

  • Published : 2008.09.28


The feature of the hotel business as a labor intensive industry and its heavy dependence on man power is relatively bigger than other industries. the important factors influencing the customer`s decision making are tangible facilities and intangible service qualities. however, the changes in economic situation are also seriously influencing them. So hotels are started to find other IT(information technology) systems. BSC which has been recognized as one of barometers to establish management performance is one of them. The purpose of this study was to develop KPI(key performance indicator) by using the BSC(Balanced Scorecard) for evaluating hotel management performance. This thesis presents customer performance, inner process performance, learning and growing performance as non-financial factors and tries to examine the cause and effect in the hotel industry. Hotels have to know nonfinancial performance which has positively relate to financial performance. To introduce BSC system is not to lead increasing income and bettermenting service quality, satisfacting customer needa for hotels, But to lead developing value enhancement to hotel enterprises and present process.


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