Relationship among Role Conflict, Ambiguity, Overload and Service Delivery Level of Tour Conductor

국외여행인솔자의 역할갈등, 모호성, 과부하와 서비스 제공 수준과의 영향관계

  • Published : 2008.09.28


Many approaches exist for studying travel service quality, employee's satisfaction, and traveler' satisfaction. Although tour conductor play an important role in travel service, there is a lack of research on how to conceptualize and measure tour conductor's role, role stress and service delivery level. So this paper presents a conceptual framework and research approach for examining the role conflict, ambiguity, overload, and service delivery level of tour conductor in group package and the impacts of role stress on service delivery level. Results indicate that there are significant affection on service delivery level of TC among the role conflict, ambiguity, and overload. For the most part, the role conflict and ambiguity more impacted on responsibility and empathy with service encounter, the role overload affected on professional and tangibles. In conclusion, the studies reported here highlight the importance of individual effort as well as organizational police in reducing strain and improving service delivery level.


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