Geoid Heights of Provinces in South KOREA by Earth Gravitational Models

지구중력장모형에 따른 국내 지역별 지오이드고

  • 이용창 (시립인천전문대학 공학부 토목공학과)
  • Published : 2008.09.28


The new high order Earth's gravity Model(EGM2008) are expected to improve the application about the Earth's global gravity field. The objectives of this research are to present characteristics on the geoid heights of provinces in South KOREA which calculated from the height anomalies by Earth Gravity Models. For this, seven EGMs (EGM2008<2,190>, EGM2008<360>, EGM96, EIGEN-GL04C, EIGEN-CG03C, EIGEN-GL04S1, and ITG-Grace02S) selected. Geoid heights of fifty BM check points by GPS/levelling are compared with those by NORI-05 model and seven EGMs. And also, geoid heights of 30"$\times$30" grid points in land(sixes blocks ; $1^{\circ}\times1^{\circ}$ sampled) and sea (four blocks ; $1^{\circ}\times1^{\circ}$ sampled) areas of South KOREA by EGM2008 are compared with those by NORI-05 and six EGMs. The results show that geoid heights obtained from EGM2008(2,190) of NGA displayed the nearest results to those by GPS/levelling.


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