Strategy for Strengthening Late Mover's Competitiveness in the IT Equipment Market

정보기술기기 후발사업자의 경쟁력 강화전략;기술제휴 사례를 중심으로

  • 양제민 (인하대학교 정보통신대학원) ;
  • 김정은 (인하대학교 경영학과) ;
  • 이석중 (인하대학교 정보통신대학원) ;
  • 박재천 (인하대학교 정보통신대학원)
  • Published : 2008.08.28


The advance of IT brings various IT equipment which functions as creation, application, and distribution of digital contents, and its demand is increased in the market. As the world IT equipment market has grew steadily, some companies think of it as a good opportunity. But there is a entry barrier like IT Capabilities to the late movers. So some participate in the market, forming the technology alliance with a advanced company. Ironically, the market system set companies' partnership into rivalry. In this context, our study focused on strengthening late mover's competitiveness under the technology alliance. And we conducted the case study concerning the technology alliance, and showed a strategical implications. As a result, we found some challenges for late mover; price policy making by scientific demanding forecasting, preparatory research and management for brand identity and efficient contact points for customer management. We hope that results of the study will influence the development of digital contents industry.


IT Equipment;Technology Alliance;Late Movers;Digital Contents


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