Changes of Technologies of the Self by Personal Blog

개인 블로그를 통한 자기기술(自己技術)의 변화

  • 김종덕 (홍익대학교 시각디자인과) ;
  • 조나현 (홍익대학교 영상학과)
  • Published : 2008.08.28


Cyworld has created a new social phenomenon that relationship between people and communities could be built by committing to digital writing. It has altered the way of people's writing attitudes from self-confessed to self-describing and self-broadcasting ways in which one regards oneself as the center of the cyber world. The purpose of this paper is to identify the shift in one's writing attitudes and how he/she develops technologies of the self in the Cyworld space. Quantitative and qualitative methods support the result; The analysis of 100 Cyworld users' mini-homepages show how the visual images in Cyworld affects their way of digital writing and the analysis of the change of writing habit due to sharing data how virtual 'family' that has been created by Cyworld. I categorize the characteristics of digital writing into three; 1)Visualization of technologies of the self 2)Networked technologies of the self 3)Sharing secretes. The aim of writing in Cyworld is not to keep the secrete but to share and, eventually, texts are circulated in the networked society where one is participated(Cyworld family). Therefore, the usage of images plays a significant role in Cyworld communities because the opened secretes are usually prepared to be presented on the basis of trustworthy toward other members.


Cyworld;Technologies of the Self;Blog;Digital Writing


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