Walking Number Detection Algorithm using a 3-Axial Accelerometer Sensor and Activity Monitoring

3축 가속도 센서를 이용한 보행 횟수 검출 알고리즘과 활동 모니터링

  • Published : 2008.08.28


The research for a 3-axial accelerometer sensor has increased dramatically in the fields of cellular phone, PDA, etc. In this paper, we develop a human walking detection algorithm using 3-axial accelerometer sensor and a user interface system to show the activity expenditure in real-time. To measure a walking number more correctly in a variety of walking activities including walking, walking in place, running, slow walking, we propose a new walking number detection algorithm using adaptive threshold value. In addition, we calculate the activity expenditure base on counted walking number and display calculated activity expenditure on UI in real-time. From the experimental results, we could obtain that the detection rate of proposal algorithm is higher than that of existing algorithm using a fixed threshold value about $5{\sim}10%$. Especially, it could be found out high detection rate in walking in place.


3-axial Accelerometer Sensor;Walking Number Detection Algorithm;Activity Expenditure;Monitoring


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