A Case Study of Tkatchev stretched Motion by Technical Feedback in Horizontal Bars

기술처치에 의한 철봉 Tkatchev stretched 동작의 사례연구

  • Published : 2008.12.30


This study is to formulate strategy for subject who are selected as national team in horizontal bars event in apparatus gymnastics. For this, skill training program was applied to players for 8 weeks. Then it was analyzed by using 3D motion Analysis system to seek the difference between before and after using the program. There were decisive demerit element K's first try for Tkatchev stretched movement from low elevation and crooked body while elevating. Not only, the location of his center of mass is far and low and there was some concern in his landing due to bended his hip-joint, but also, it exposed weak point in retro-action followed technique. Thus, to overcome that weak point, the subject repeated practices on following; when preparing for Tkatchev stretched movement at downward for big spin, make sure extend shoulder angle faster, make sure Tap movement is short and concise using hip-joint angular while delaying Tap timing for folding the body, and moreover, while backlashing the body, used shoulder joint angle wide to pull up the body. As a result, the speed of vertical upward did rut increase when separation from the bar. However, height of elevation increased that the leg would rut hit the horizontal bar even straight up the hip-joint. Therefore, the movement itself provided magnificent motion and even helped decrease the demerits.


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