A Study about the Training Program for the Tippelt Technique on the Parallel Bars

평행봉 Tippelt 기술 훈련 프로그램 개발 및 향상도 평가 분석

  • Published : 2008.06.30


This study was to provide for Tippelt technique which was a basic technique used in parallel bars. The program was applied to players for 8 weeks. Then it was analyzed by using 3Dmotion Analysis system to seek the difference between before and after using the program. Moreover establish the improvement and trait for newly made program. The program was made up of down-swing, up-swing and composite connection-phase training. Through down-swing training, shoulder angle made extension and chest closed quickly. As a result, players' performance have improved. Through up-swing training, legs kicking to vertical direction and trunk stood up fastly. As a result, players' performance have improved. When going upward, the center of mass must be in control not to have a lot of movement and hip angle extension using the bar is very positive coaching. When coaching composite connection in training from down-swing to up-swing, must have enough air phase time using center of mass vertically to have extension of leg. As a result, players' performance have improved by having increase of air phase time.


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