정수기용 입상활성탄소 필터의 흡착특성에 관한 고찰

Baek, Young-Man;Park, Je-Chul;Kim, Hyung-Jin

  • 발행 : 2008.08.30


Quality test for activated carbon(AC) filter used for drinking water purifier is now an obligatory test and the standard material for valid purifying amount in water purifier performance test has been changed from residual chlorine to chloroform according to the notice of Ministry of Environment in 2006. Therefore, this study aimed to compare the ingredients of AC filters by confirming chloroform removal rate of AC filter and conducting 4 adsorption tests (Iodine, methylene blue decolorization, phenol value, ADS value) for AC filters provided by manufacturers. With water pressure of $1kgf/cm^2$, 1,500 liters of prepared inflow went through to check chloroform removal rate. As a result, product with removal rate of below 60% from all products. On the other hand, 4 adsorption tests were conducted for filters in the market and filters from manufacturers. None of the products satisfied all 4 tests. In particular, they showed great shortage to the standard in phenol value and ADS value test. However, manufacturers' filter showed much better performance than filters in the market. Also, the result of valid purifying amount test for each of five products of appropriate product and inappropriate product based on filter quality test showed average 4,440 liters for appropriate product and average 2,620 liters for inappropriate product. According to the result, it is shown that the filter with good adsorption also had good chloroform removal efficiency and adsorption efficiency. Therefore, it is expected that customers can screen good quality product through obligatory conduct of filter quality test. However, it is considered that complementation in system is required for future inspection.


Drinking water purifier;Activated carbon;Chloroform


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