A Study on Field Trip of Specific-Region Environment -Focus on 'Geological Unit' of Elementary Science-

특이 지역 환경에 대한 야외 학습 연구 -초등과학 지질 영역을 중심으로-

  • Published : 2008.09.30


This study is aimed at suggesting ways to develop field trip or learning materials focusing on environment of Jeju seashore in order to make an effective field trip. To perform these purposes, the contents and concepts were analyzed from environment-related 'geological unit' of elementary science textbook. Afterwards, the places having the geological features in coincidence with them are chosen, and investigated, and these regions can develop into geological teaming places for field trip. Each teaming spot focuses on understanding and finding out the characteristic geological environment of rock shore, gravel shore, sand shore, shellfish shore, and tideland shore among Jeju shores. When field trip is conducted at the preparatory stage, students can get advance knowledge on geological concepts from textbook. The activity record paper is presented at the field trip stage where students observe geological phenomena on their own. After field trip is finished, the summary stage is given to solve some problems on the basis of the observed contents. The developed data from this research have its regional limits, but is surely useful for teachers who try to plan field trip when they especially choose the right field trip spots, or plan to make the process for field trip preparation of the environmental education. Furthermore, with this survey and activities, students can take the chance to improve the learning effect through their own experience on environment of Jeju seashore.