Sustainability Evaluation of Shellfish Production in Gamak Bay Based on Systems Ecology 3. Energy Modeling of Shellfish Aquaculture Production in Gamak Bay

시스템 생태학적 접근법에 의한 가막만 패류생산의 지속성 평가 3. 가막만 패류 양식업의 에너지 모델링

  • Published : 2008.09.30


This research was performed to simulate shellfish production systems and sales in Gamak Bay, South Korea. To study the way the shellfish system generates maxima, a numerical model was developed to simulate the model under a control and a number of different scenarios. The program calculates the EMERGY flows by multiplying the flows of energy and materials by the appropriate solar transformity. In this study, an energy systems model was built to simulate the variation of sustainability for oyster aquaculture. The results of the simulation based on 2005 data that as oyster production yield slightly increases, money and assets increase to a steady state. When the program is run control simulation, the system reaches carrying capacity after 8 years. The simulation of models with price of purchased inputs increased with 3.5% inflation rate per year showed maximum benefit of shellfish production occurs after 6 years but amounts are less than control simulation, and then decreases slightly in money and yield results. The results with 3.5% inflation and increase of oyster price annually showed steady and slightly increase of money and yield.


Energy modeling;Shellfish production;Gamak Bay


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