Advanced separation techniques for treatment of soil contaminated with heavy metals

중금속 오염 토양의 고도 선별 정화(복원)기술

  • 이효숙 (한국지질자원연구원 자원활용소재연구부.한국기술사회) ;
  • 채영배 (한국지질자원연구원 자원활용소재연구부)
  • Published : 2008.05.10


Recently, the serious problems have been occurred due to the contaminated sites with heavy metals are increasing. There are several remediation technologies of the metal contaminated soil such as physical separation, washing with water or acid, biologically, electrically. Pytoremediation, ultrasonic etc. Among these technologies the physical separation can be put in a good option to solve the metal contaminated soil economically and environmental friendly. Because this technology has been already commercially certificated in the mineral processing field for a long time.