Remediation Technology and application case of petroleum hydrocarbon contaminated soil

유류오염토양의 정화기술과 적용사례

  • Published : 2008.05.10


The most common soil contaminants are petroleum-based. Hydrocarbons from diesel fuel and gasoline are widespread problems, as are total petroleum hydrocarbon(TPH). There are two distinct classes of soil remediation: in-situ, or on-site, and ex-situ, or off- site. On-site cleanups are often preferred because they are cheaper. On the other hand, excavating a contaminated area and transporting it to a remote site before cleaning it can often be more complete. Ex-situ remediation also has the added bonus of taking the bulk of contaminants off-site before they can spread further. In addition, in-situ situations are limited because only the topside of the soil is accessible.