Analysis and Development of Experimental Method of Charle's Law Applicable to School

학교 현장에 적용 가능한 '샤를의 법칙' 실험방법의 분석 및 개발

  • Published : 2009.04.20


In this study, we developed an experimental method of the Charles' law applicable to school. Science textbooks and literatures on this principle were analyzed to extract factors utilized in organizing the experimental setup and method. A combined structure such as with a vial and a glass tube, the former of which is for deciding the total volume and the latter of which is for easy measurement of volume, was better in measurement of volume with temperature rather than a simple structure such as syringe. Use of graduated cylinder as a water bath to control the temperature showed advantage in cooling time than using other bath of larger volume such as a beaker. A liquid drop was used as a plug in the glass tube. This plug has little resistance with the glass wall when the gas volume changes. Water as a liquid drop in the glass tube had a significant effect in volume change of gas due to evaporation, especially in the beginning of the measurement. Glycerol showing negligible effect in volume change was used. This method took about one hour and produced a good linear relationship between the temperature and volume of gas with $R^2$ = 0.999 and absolute zero temperature = $-216.7\;{^{\circ}C}$. The Charles' law experiment developed in this study can be performed with appropriate adjustment of procedure considering the purpose of the curriculum of science and chemistry subject at each school level.


Charles' Law;gas;volume and temperature;quantitative experiment;applicability to school


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