Electronic Structure and Chemical Bonding of La7Os4C9

La7Os4C9의 전자구조와 화학결합

  • Published : 2009.06.20


In the recently synthesized rare earth transition metal carbide $La_7O_{s4}C_9$ one finds one-dimensional organometallic $[O_{s4}C_9]^{21-}$ polymers embedded in a $La^{3+}$ ionic matrix. The electronic structure of the polymeric $[O_{s4}C_9]^{21-}$ chain was investigated by density of states (DOS) and crystal orbital overlap population (COOP), using the extended Huckel algorithm. A fragment molecular orbital analysis is used to study the bonding characteristics of the $C_2$ units in $La_7O_{s4}C_9$ containing $C_2$ units and single C atoms as well. The title compound contains partially filled Os and carbon bands leading to metallic conductivity. As the observed distances already indicated, the calculations show extensive Os-C interactions. The C-C bond distance in the diatomic $C_2$ units ($d_{C-C}$=131 pm) in the solid is significantly increased relative to $${C_2}^{2-}$$ or acetylene, because antibonding $1{\pi}_g$ orbitals are partially filled by the Os-$C_2(1\;{\pi}_g)$ bonding contribution found at and below the Fermi level.


Ternary transition metal carbide;Electronic structure;Extended Huckel calculations;FMO analysis


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