Determination of Cadmium Ions by Designing an Optode Based on Immobilization of Dithizone on a Triacetylecelluose Membrane in Polluted Soil and Water Samples

  • Tavallali, Hossein (Payame Noor University (PNU)) ;
  • Kazempourfard, Fatemeh (Payame Noor University (PNU))
  • Published : 2009.04.20


An optode for cadmium ion determination has been designed by immobilization of dithizone on triacetylcellose membrane. When the optode membrane is introduced into a real samples containing cadmium, there is a color change from green to red, making it possible to use the change in absorbance at 611 nm as the analytical signal. The sensor could be used in the range of 0.3-3 ${\mu}g\;ml^{-1}$ (2.67-26.67 ${\mu}M$) of $Cd^{2+}$ ions with a limit of detection of 0.025 ${\mu}g\;ml^{-1}$ (25 ng $ml^{-1}$). The response time of optode is within 15 min depending on the concentration of $Cd^{2+}$ ions. It can be easily and completely regenerated by dilute EDTA solution. The effect of different possible interfering species has been examined and was shown the optode has a good selectivity. The results obtained for the determination of cadmium ion in polluted soil and water samples using the proposed optode was found to be comparable with the well-established atomic absorption method.


Optode membrane;Triacetyle cellulose membrane;Dithizon;Spectrophotometery;Cadmium ion


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