An IRS Study on the Adsorption of Carbonmonoxide on Silica Supported Ni-Cu Alloys

실리카 지지 니켈-구리 합금에서 일산화탄소의 흡착에 관한 IRS 연구

  • Published : 2009.06.20


We have investigated the infrared spectra for CO adsorbed on silica supported nickel(Ni-Si$O_2$), silica supported copper(Cu-Si$O_2$), silica supported nickel-copper alloys(Ni/Cu-Si$O_2$) of several compositions with varying CO pressures(0.2 $torr{\sim}$50 torr) at room temperature and on pumping to vacumn at room temperature within the frequency range of 1500 $cm^{-1}{\sim}2500\;cm^{-1}$. Four bands(2059.6 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$2036.5 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$ 1868.7 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$ 1697.1 $cm^{-1}$) were observed for Ni-Si$O_2$, two bands($\sim$2115.5 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$1743.0 $cm^{-1}$) were observed for Cu-Si$O_2$ and five bands(${\sim}2123.2\;cm^{-1}$, 2059.6 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$2036.4 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$1899.5 $cm^{-1},\;{\sim}$1697.1 $cm^{-1}$) were observed for Ni/Cu-Si$O_2$. These absorption bands correspond with those of the previous reports approximately. The bands below 1800 $cm^{-1}$ were only observed with Ni metal or Ni/Cu alloy crystal plane containing step at room temperature and the ${\sim}1697.1\;cm^{-1}$ bands observed with Ni-Si$O_2$ and Ni/Cu-Si$O_2$ may be ascribed to CO molecule adsorbed on the adsorption sites near step. The bands below 2000 $cm^{-1}$ were rarely observed with Cu metal crystal plane at room temperature and the 1743.0 $cm^{-1}$ bands may be ascribed to CO molecule adsorbed on the adsorption sites near step. The band shifts of adsorbed CO with varing Cu contents from 0 to 0.5 mole fraction at the same CO pressure or at the same pumping time to vacumn were below 21 $cm^{-1}$. and comparatively small than those with other ⅠB metal addition. It may means ligand effect of Cu d electron is small.


CO adsorption;Ni/Cu alloy;Silica supported Ni/Cu alloy;CO adsorption on silica supported Ni/Cu alloy


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