Seismic Analysis of the Cooling Water Pump for Nuclear Power Plant for the Seismic Load

지진하중을 받는 원자력발전소용 냉각펌프의 내진해석

  • 정철섭 (건양대학교 기계공학과)
  • Published : 2009.11.01


To evaluate the structural integrity of the nuclear seismic category penetration cooling water pump under the seismic service conditions the seismic analysis was performed in accordance with IEEE-STD-344 code. The finite element computer program, ANSYS, Version 10.0, is used to perform both a mode frequency analysis and an equivalent static seismic analysis of the pump assembly. The mode frequency analysis results show the fundamental natural frequency is greater than 33 Hz and does not exist in seismic range, thus justifying the use of the static analysis. The stresses resulted from various loadings and their combinations are within the allowable limits specified in the above mentioned IEEE code. The results of the seismic evaluation fully satisfied the structural acceptance criteria of the IEEE code. Accordingly the structural integrity on the pump assembly was proved.


Cut-off Frequency;Equivalent Stress;Modal Analysis;Seismic Analysis


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