Evaluation of Design Parameters for Optimizing the Cooling Channel in Hot Press Bending Process

핫 프레스 벤딩 공정에서 냉각회로 최적화를 위한 공정변수의 평가

  • Published : 2009.11.01


Hot press forming can produce high-strength components by rapidly cooling between closed punch and die after hot forming using quenchable boron steel austenized in a furnace. In the hot press forming process, the cooling rate is influenced by the size, position and arrangement of the cooling channel and the file condition of cooling water in the die. Also, mechanical properties of the final components and operation time are related to cooling rate. Therefore, the design of optimized cooling channel is one of the most important works. In this paper, the effect of position and size of the cooling channel on the cooling rate was investigated by using design of experiment and FE analysis in hot press bending process. Therefore the optimum cooling channel ratio was presented in the HPB.


Hot Press Bending;Cooling Channel;Phase Transformation;Cycle Analysis;Turbulent Flow


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