Response Characteristics of Two Block System under Seismic Base Excitation

이중 블록 계통의 비선형 지진응답 특성

  • 신태명 (충주대학교 항공.기계설계학과)
  • Published : 2009.11.01


This paper discusses about modeling method to simulate a nonlinear behavior like sliding or rocking of two stacked body system under earthquake condition. A double body system design can be an option to reduce seismic response of a component in comparison to a single body system for free standing structures. Therefore, according to the priority of components, the structure is to be designed by proper ratio of partition in their height for improvement of seismic capability and structural integrity. Nonlinear modeling and analysis using simple rigid body and dynamic system has been performed to check the trend in such cases. As a result, one of the two bodies can be chosen to reduce the seismic response from energy absorption of the other one by appropriate application of friction ratios not only in slip-slip condition but in slip-rock condition.


Block System;Seismic Response;Slip;Rock


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