Development of the Six Degree-of-Freedom Active Vibration Isolation System by Using a Phase Compensated Velocity Sensor

위상 보상된 속도 센서를 이용한 6자유도 능동 방진 시스템의 개발

  • Published : 2009.11.01


Magnetic force driven six degree-of-freedom active vibration isolation system is developed. The velocity sensor using an electromagnetic principle that is commonly used in the vibration control is investigated since its phase lead characteristic causes an instability problem for a low frequency vibration. A lag-type compensator is adopted to reduce the phase lead and the stability test is performed by using a Bode analysis. The performance of the AVIS is validated by comparing with the passive isolation system by using the frequency responses.


Active Vibration Isolation System;Velocity Sensor;Phase Compensate


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