A Study on the Parameter Optimization of Inverter for Induction Heating Cooking Appliance

유도가열 조리기기용 인버터 파라미터 최적화에 관한 연구

  • Published : 2009.01.01


With the advent of power semiconductor switching devices, power electronics relating to high frequency electromagnetic eddy current based induction heating technology have become more suitable and acceptable. This paper presents high-frequency induction heating cooking appliance circuit based on the zero current switching-PWM single ended push-pull(ZCS-PWM SEPP) resonant inverter added AC-DC converter. This inverter uses pulse-width-modulation(PWM) control method with active auxiliary quasi-resonant lossless inductor snubbers and a switched capacitor. To improved the transient performance, the PI controller is applied for this system. For the systematic parameter optimization of the PI controller, the gradient-based optimization algorithm is applied. The performance of optimized parameters is evaluated using simulation and experimental test. These results show that the proposed systematic optimal tuning method improve the transient performances of this system.


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