Development of 6kW ZVS Boost Converter by 4-Parallel Operation

4-병렬 제어 기법을 적용한 6kW 영전압 스위칭 승압형 컨버터 개발

  • 노민식 (신라대 공대 전자공학과)
  • Published : 2009.01.01


This paper presents development of 6kw ZVS(Zero Voltage Switching) boost converter by 4-parallel operation. To realize a high capacity converter with 6 kw, 4-parallel operation of 1.5kW unit module is proposed in this paper. To meet high ratio input to output voltage, isolated type booster converter is designed. To achieve ZVS operation of 4-switches of full bridge and protect a voltage overshoot caused by switch turn-off, simple active-clamp circuit is applied to the primary side. For parallel operation of 4-modules, master-slave control method is proposed to achieve input current sharing of 4-unit converter modules accurately. For performance tests, simulation is carried out. Also, load and experimental tests of the developed booster converter, 230Vdc/6kW, are carried out under various conditions. For field tests, the developed converter is applied for boosting a battery power to high DC_link voltage for a VSI inverter which starts a micro-turbine(MT) installed in vehicle and it's performance is verified through high speed motoring a MT up to tens of thousands of rpm.


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