A Study of Discharge Characteristics in Xe-Ne Gas Mixture for ac PDP with Long Gap Hump Electrode

Long Gap Hump 전극구조를 가진 ac PDP에서의 Xe-Ne 가스의 방전 특성 연구

  • Published : 2009.01.01


To increase the luminance and luminous efficacy in the discharge for alternating current plasma display panel (ac PDP), the increment of Xe contents and long discharge gap are necessary. However, the driving voltage and the cost of driving circuit increases in the high Xe contents and long discharge path condition. In this paper, a long gap ITO hump electrode (LGH) model for discharge cells of ac PDP is evaluated in the various Xe contents($5{\sim}20%$). The discharge voltage of LGH structure is lower about 30V than that of ITa reference structure with same main discharge gap. The LGH structure has lower power consumption and higher luminance than those of reference structure, respectively. Also, the luminous efficacy of LGH structure is higher about 20% than that of ITO reference structure in the 20% Xe contents.


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