A Comparison of Sliding Mode and Integral Sliding Mode Controls for Robot Manipulators

로봇 매니퓰레이터를 위한 슬라이딩 모드와 적분 슬라이딩 모드 제어의 비교

  • 유동상 (한경대학교 전기공학과, 전자기술종합연구소)
  • Published : 2009.01.01


We compare an integral sliding mode control with a typical sliding mode control for robot manipulators through two primitive tasks: set-point regulation and trajectory tracking control. To prove the asymptotic stability of two methods for robot manipulators, we introduce three important properties in the robot dynamics: skew-symmetry, positive-definiteness, and boundedness of robot parameter matrices and we present one unified control structure using a parametric velocity vector. From illustrative examples, we show that two methods effectively control for robot manipulators.


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